What Blogging Has Taught Me



Originally posted on The Salty Goat:
We’ve been meaning to try out this dish for AGES! Finally we got around to cooking the deliciousness that is Paella. Paella is great because you can…

What Did You Give Up, To Get What You Got?

Rainbows & mist on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Originally posted on Nic Freeman:
Mist-veiled, ancient and peacefully picturesque, Scotland’s Isle of Skye is like a mystical forgotten land, chronicled in a dusty, leather-bound book. It is clear that nature rules there:…

Abu Dhabi: The Grand Mosque

Originally posted on Prada For Breakfast:
Early morning fog at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi. I recently travelled to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates for a short trip and…


Originally posted on PhotoSec:
CanSecWest 2012 has come and gone. I had not been to Vancouver BC in a very long time and I had forgotten how big it is! It was great…

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S III wireless charging system to work from 1-2 meters away

  Wireless charging isn’t anything new for Android, but the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III may be the first device to include the feature right out of the box. DDaily is reporting that… Continue reading

Arm blood pressure differences ‘predict death risk’

  A large difference between the blood pressure in each arm suggests a bigger risk of dying early, researchers claim. A study of 230 high blood pressure patients found those with big differences… Continue reading

Daily aspirin ‘prevents and possibly treats cancer’

Taking a low (75-300mg) daily dose of the drug appeared to cut the total number of cancer cases by about a quarter after only three years – there were nine cancer cases per… Continue reading

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